Best Countertop Paint Kit 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

I am in the process of doing a bunch of different DIY renovations instead of hiring someone to do my renovations so I have been looking at a lot of different products. I have to admit that I am a little out of my element but I am learning fast.

One thing that I have been looking at is saving some money and painting my countertops instead of replacing them.

Luckily, I found a number of different countertop paint kits available that seem to bring an amazing result for a relatively low cost.

Right now, I am looking at a bunch of different ones so I thought that I would share my findings here.


Best Countertop Paint Kit 2017 Comparison Table

Coming very soon! Just putting the finishing touches on this and will update here what my favorite counter top painting kits are.

Preparing Your Countertops For Painting

You can achieve an attractive, budget-friendly makeover for your kitchen or bathroom by painting your countertops. Completely revamping the countertops would update the surface and the space itself; however, the cost to do so could be a hindrance to your plans.

Therefore, preparing your countertops for painting and using the method of your choice to change the appearance is a viable option. It essentially provides a middle ground between replacing the surface and keeping the countertops a while longer.

Color Options

The decision to paint your countertops opens you up to a wide range of patterns and colors. However, you would need to make sure the one you choose will coordinate well with the floor, wall color and accessories, without matching them necessarily. There is also the option of changing the wall color and replacing certain accessories for an even more updated look.

Tips and Tricks

For inspiration, look at the latest trends you can achieve with paint. For example, you can use a faux granite finish to mimic the appearance of the real stone. In addition, a gray-blue metallic paint in a shiny, satin finish can be used to pull off a stainless steel look. You could also paint your countertops with a glossy white paint to make the space feel larger.

You also have the option of using stone-textured paints, which allow for a unique option in updating your kitchen and bathroom countertops. There are new products in this category that can be used to transform damaged or worn out laminate countertops.

Best of all, this can be achieved at a fraction of the replacement cost. This type of product is available in a number of different colors and they have been designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

You could choose flat latex paint as an option for making over your countertops. This type of paint is available in an assortment of colors, which range from slate gray to forest green. This level of versatility is an indication that painted countertops will work seamlessly in a number of different bathroom and kitchen styles. This includes rustic, modern, traditional and eco-friendly designs. Additionally, different color combinations can be achieved; for example, you could consider painting your countertops white to complement a red kitchen.

To achieve an authentic, long-lasting look, DIY experts recommend that you paint at least 3 layers of thin coats instead of just one thick coat. You should give each layer up to 24 hours to dry properly. Of course, the application of paint should be done after the surface has been sanded down, the remaining dust has been removed and a coat of primer added.

Another trick to achieving attractive painted countertops is to use a high-quality exterior paint, applied with a roller. After the paint is completely dry, you can then use clear polyurethane to finish the surface.

Allow the finish to dry and then use a moist sanding sponge to sand down the countertop until the surface is smooth. Again, make sure the countertop has dried properly, then reapply the polyurethane and sand it down two more times. Please note that if you are painting your kitchen countertops, you should make sure the paint is food safe.

If you have financial constraints, do not completely give up on your dream of updating your ugly, worn-out countertops. Instead, think about the budget-friendly option of painting the surfaces to dramatically improve the look and feel of the space. Preparing your countertops for painting and using the previously-mentioned tips to get the job done will help you to achieve a fresh look for your kitchen or bathroom.


Best Couch For Cat Owners 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

I love my cats but one of them has torn my couch all up! Luckily it was an old couch and it was getting close to time to replace it.

I considered talking to a cat expert to get some ideas but I realized that when she started clawing up my couch was about the same time that we threw out her cat pole that she would usually sharpen her claws on. We meant to relace it right away but never got the chance. I guess this was her way of saying, “hurry up!”. LOL!

Because of this, I have been looking at a lot of different options and I decided to do a ton more research in this to find the best couch for cat owners.

Best Couch For Cat Owners 2017 Comparison Table

Stay tuned! I am almost done with this and I will be adding a ton more information as well as some of my top couch picks.


Cats love to lounge, which makes them the perfect companion for people who love to laze around the house, guarding the fort from a preferred position on the couch. If you have given your heart to a cat and are set on spending your life sharing everything with your furry friend, it’s only natural that you pick the right couch for the job. Here are tips for choosing the best couch for cat owners:

Go Dark.

Dark, dusky and muddy colors are often recommended for cat owners, and for good reason. Dark colors are effective at hiding marks, hair and stains. Look for a couch in black, brown, mahogany, burgundy, a deep moss green or similar colors.

Pick the Right Fabric.

A velvet couch may seem like a dream but realistically speaking, it may not work out. Like people, many cats are drawn to the soft texture of velvet and the fabric is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Cat hair will eventually land on that nice, new couch of yours. Consider other fabrics that are easier to care for and more resistant to damage.

Go for Patterns.

Patterns help hide the telltale signs of cats, such as hair, scratch marks and stains. Contrasting colors help because they fool the eyes and break up an otherwise solid color. Although the couch will still need to be vacuumed and wiped periodically, at least the shedding, scratches and tears on the fabric will not be as obvious.

Avoid Deep Textures.

Textures add interest but cat owners should be wary of hair, dirt and pet dander that will get trapped in the wedges or weaves of the couch fabric. Look for a couch that has a smoother fabric surface with a tight weave since these characteristics make it easier to wipe away dirt and hair.

Consider a Leather Couch.

Leather is resistant to pet hair and odor, making it a good contender when choosing the best couch for cat owners. Hair on leather can easily be wiped off using a dry cloth. If a leather couch proves irresistible, consider choosing distressed leather since this does not show scratch marks easily. Leather with a full-aniline dye finish is an excellent option. Do try to avoid a couch with a smooth finish because this is more likely to show damage.

Try Synthetic.

A couch made with synthetic fabric is much easier to maintain, even if it becomes your cat’s favorite spot. Synthetic fibers such as microfibers and Ultrasuede are tightly woven. As such, these can be wiped clean and even withstand scratches and holes from enthusiastic claws. For regular clean-ups, synthetic fibers usually need only a good wiping with a damp sponge soaked in soap and water. The downside is that synthetic fibers are not odor-resistant and may likely require intensive treatment in case of an “accident”.

Buy a Crypton Couch.

Crypton is a process of manufacturing that renders fabric virtually resistant against stains, odor, liquids, soil, dirt, bacteria and mildew. Crypton fabrics are synthetic and can withstand damage due to rough handling from claws and fangs. A Crypton couch is also easy to clean and maintain.

Take Extra Measures.

Even the most cat-resistant couch in your living room will have a better chance at long-term survival if treated with extra protection. Pile a few layers on top of the couch using a throw rug or blanket and a slipcover. These may cover a perfectly lovely couch but the extra barrier will help protect what is underneath. Consider spraying the couch with a fabric protector product. This is a synthetic spray that binds with the fabric, acting as a barrier to protect the upper surface from spills, dirt, oils and hair. As another measure of protection, place a scratching post next to or near the couch. This will help distract your cat and give him a different item to practice his claws on.


Best Air Purifiers For Mold 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

To me, there is nothing worse than being exposed to mold. The health problems that can affect you are horrible!

Now, if your home is completely overcome with mold, you may want to hire a home renovation company and not just rely on an air purifier.


Best Air Purifiers For Mold 2017

I am currently doing a whole bunch of research on this and am going to be sharing my findings soon. Stay tuned!

What To Look For When Searching For An Air Purifier For Mold

We often think of air pollution as thick dark puffs coming out of factories and vehicles. We are conscious of it when we go outside with some even wearing a face mask to avoid its ill effects. The research, however, reveals a very different picture. Studies show that the level of pollutants is actually higher indoors than it is outdoors. This surprising fact means that people should protect their homes from unwanted particles, especially if someone in the family has allergies and respiratory vulnerabilities. The following presents buyers with what to look for when choosing an air purifier for mold:

Energy Efficiency

Air purifiers will require power to suck the air in and filter the contaminants. Some households have them on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Others turn them on at specific hours of the day. Whichever the case, it will still draw a substantial amount of energy. It will not be as high as the power draw of an electric heater or an air conditioner but it does add to the total. It is always better to select an efficient option, especially since the appliance is likely to run around the clock. Efficiency at capturing impurities should also be considered.

Noise Generation

These purifiers will be dealing with fast-moving air. This may not sound like much but things can get pretty noisy in practice. It could become bothersome at night when you are trying to sleep. Everything will be dead silent except for this annoying hum that never quite goes away. There are a number of ways around this but it is best to do things right from the start. Choose a low-noise model to enjoy peace and quiet. This is best gauged with a real-life demo in a store. If you are purchasing online, then read product reviews to see what others are saying.


The purchase of an air purifier can be considered as an investment in the health and well-being of the family. This pays off in the long run by preventing illness which can be expensive to treat. Just like any investment, you would want it to last for as long as possible to enjoy its benefits continuously. The best indicator of life span is the warranty. Check how long it lasts as it is during the length of time that the manufacturer covers any repairs or parts replacement. Afterward, you will be on your own with the upkeep.

Replacement Filter Cost

There are certain strategies that can prolong the life of an air purifier. This includes periodic filter replacement which is part of routine maintenance. This element is responsible for capturing the impurities and preventing them from being inhaled by the family. These impurities might be invisible to the naked eye when floating in space but they become quite apparent after build-up. They can clog the intake valve and make the device inefficient. Compare the prices of air filters from different brands as this will be part of your ongoing operational cost. Note the recommended replacement frequency.

Room vs Whole House

You can choose between these two types of air purifiers with each having their own pros and cons. If you would like something that’s small and portable, then get the former as it will be easier to move around the home. On the other hand, lots of models of this type have the tendency to produce ozone which can irritate the lungs. If you want to avoid this, then go for the latter. This works best for houses that have forced air cooling and heating systems. The filter can be replaced more easily and come in different sizes to fit existing openings, those some cases require ductwork modification.


Exterior Painting in Home Improvement

To cope with the latest trend of home designs, homeowners would like to do a facelift on their homes. They start choosing home decors, wall paint colors, new furniture and anything they will need on their home renovation. One of the considerations that homeowners look into is exterior painting.

The process of exterior painting can be similar to interior painting, yet the former uses different types of paints. Preparing and maintaining exterior surfaces is significantly different than preparing indoor surfaces where weather damage and wear and tear is generally not a concern. Thus, exterior house painting planning needs more effort and time.

General Preparation

Before you start painting, a thorough inspection of your home is necessary to find signs of peeling, blistering or chalking. Also, check water damages that manifest as rot or discolored areas. Identify areas of mildew and mold that need to be taken care of. You must then remove lighting fixtures, decorations, shutters, mail box etc. Moreover, items that cannot be removed, such as air conditioning unit, condensing units and the like, should be covered with a canvas or cloth to avoid paint spatter and chips falling on them. Remember to turn off power supply prior to removing electrical fixtures.

It is also recommended to cover the immovable bushes with a canvas and if required, you need to pull the bushes away from the walls by tying them with a cord to avoid hassles while painting. Shades for exterior should be cautiously designated as well. They should complement the neighbors’ color scheme to give better symphony to the external environment.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is a very important activity that will directly affect the end result of the painting process as to exterior painting. It’s not only critical in getting good results but it actually saves time while making the painting exercise economical. Proper surface preparation can be considered as a make or break job because even the best paint will not adhere properly on the walls if they are wet, dirty or loose.

First Primer Coat

When the walls to be painted are stained, porous, has water damage or mildew, a primer coat is important. A primer is particularly useful when we are painting a dark color over a light color or vice versa. Primer also produces a smooth surface. It makes the surface less absorbent, thus increasing the spreading ability of the paint. 

Putty Coat

In the case of fresh painting or walls that require total overhauling just like fresh walls, putties are generally used. They are not be used for repainting or touch up activity, however.

Second Primer Coat

Generally, repainting services require a single coat of primer. Two primer coats are required on fresh surfaces or on surfaces that need considerable leveling and removal of undulations. Attention to the application of a second primer should be that coat is applied only after the putty coat has completely dried.

Finish Coat

Commonly, two coats of finish coat are required to get the desired finish and color. It is essential that each coat must be fully dry before the application of next coat.

If you are looking for a painter in Calgary, AB, take a look here.


Is Using A Financial Planner Important?

A Houston financial advisor or Dallas financial planners, is an individual who aids you plan as well as manage your individual funds or corporate wide range in a rewarding or sustainable means. You might be wondering exactly what you require such an advisor for? Throughout these times when commerce as well as finance have ended up being so complicated, the words and also thinking about an advisor can be your crucial assets. In the earlier years, if you had an industry and lots of personal wealth, it could be possible that your moms and dads, or spouse, or relatives as well as buddies will act as your advisor and also aid you manage your firm possessions.

Financial advisors could get repayment for their services in 3 methods: through charges, commissions, and also a mix of the two. An advisor who is fee-based will work for you on a monthly or bi-monthly income rate. With salaried advisors or financial planners, you will not need to face the issue regarding his personal interests, that is, making professions for you and also obtain a compensation at the same time. These individuals are being paid to provide guidance, so it will not matter much to them whether the advice they provided prospers or fails. The commission-based financial planner gets his repayment per purchase or investment that you made through his advice.

The type of business solution that is most demanded nowadays are financial preparation or recommendations. In all significant as well as newing economies, financial companies as well as modern-day business has actually made financial planning their essential part. The function of advisors is very important also to the new generation of people who are about to reach their retirement age. These people have actually become thinking about investing their retirement money. Large business are aiming to target this demography, and they are releasing ad campaign in an enormous means. And their aim makes sure to be a success, due to the fact that retirement is one large reason that the services of financial advisors are so vital.

A great financial planner or advisor gives his companies by dealing straight with the investments of his customer. For this, he has to be able to realize what does it cost? risk his customer would certainly wish to take, as well as for how long the customer could wait up until returns can be recognized. It should be recognized that the role of a financial planner or advisor is not making decisions at his very own discretion, specifically if your arrangement asks for a commission-based repayment of services. It will be as well dangerous for you, for noticeable factors.

If you wish to obtain aid from a financial advisor, you must first determine the kind of advisor that you want to employ as well as deal with. A fantastic idea is to recognize the sorts of clients that he is presently working for and also those that he has actually operated in the past. You can see below if the type of service that you require resembles the company that he has actually made for his other clients. Get referrals – it’s essential, normally. If an advisor has benefited you in the past, and also you like his efficiency since he has done a very good work at managing your wide range, it will be most ideal if his services are used once more this moment.


Planning a Kitchen Remodel in My Dallas Home

I have a place in Dallas that I used to live at full time but when I moved to the outskirts, I kept this place and rented it out. Right now it is empty so I am planning on the possibility of doing a kitchen remodeling and design and then putting it on the market and selling it. I think that with a new updated kitchen, it would sell a lot faster because the current one is a bit dated – the house was built in the 70’s.

So it has been fun picking out a number of different aspects. the main thing that I am looking to do that I don’t think you need very often is a bulter’s room – I think that is what they are called. Basically a room off the kitchen that stores all my small appliances like our juicer, blender, meat grinder and other things. also looking to put a cool wine cooler in the design as well.


I Need The Best Air Purifier For Cigarette & Cigar Smoke

Yuck – smokers and their odors! I have smoke allergies too! I recently purchased a new home which is beautiful but I knew that I would have one challenge – they smoked in the house. It was actually painted just before I moved in and that helped a lot but I still feel like I smell it. I have been searching out for the best air purifier for cigarette & cigar smoke which I plan on getting later today.

We are going to be moving in very soon and I want to have every aspect of the home in perfect healthy condition and that includes the air quality.

But, all this aside – it is a beautiful home and I cannot wait to get settled in and start putting my own touches on it. Feel free to come visit anytime!


Installing An Under Counter Wine Cooler

Instead of spending tremendous amounts of cash in a regular large storages or an expensive counter top refrigerator that occupy extra room, some enthusiasts should think of focusing on under counter wine coolers. These ought to always be located in the cooking area of every modern enthusiast.

If you do not already have an under counter wine cooler, you ought to take into consideration restoring your kitchen in order to consist of one. One of the most important things to keep in mind when installing such a device is to keep it far from warmth sources. Besides that, these refrigerators additionally should be kept away from dish washers, as they create vibrations that can damage your precious compilation.

As in the case of other types of wine coolers, it is most ideal to make use of a system that has an impure glass door as opposed to merely clear glass. This is clarified by the reality that organic light will damages your wine.

Depending upon the color of the counter or of the kitchen furniture, as a whole, the counter refrigerator has to in some way match the shade of the surrounding aspect. The design of the fridge is an aspect that must not be neglected. However, despite how pretentious you are, wine fridge makers definitely have a product that fits your need.

The dimensions of the cupboard where the under counter wine cooler will be installed should be determined exactly, to ensure that it fits flawlessly. This will additionally affect the ability of the cooler. If you are thinking about storing more than one kind of wine, after that you need to get a refrigerator that features a number of temperature zones. By doing this, each kind of wine will certainly be saved in optimum temperature and also moisture problems.


Single Cup Coffee Makers

Not everyone has the moment or the desire to drink 12 cups of coffee each morning from the top single cup coffee maker before going out the door and not everybody wants to spend the moment trying to figure out how to make simply one cup of coffee in that 12 cup coffee maker. For those people and others similar to them single cup coffee makers look like a response to a prayer. While these coffee makers might not be on everybody’s “must have” listing, for quite a few individuals having one makes life simply a little less difficult.

Single cup coffee machine are available in a range of forms, sizes and also brand names. They also differ in price from just under $20.00 to around $100.00 which implies that there is a maker that will fit almost every choice, budget and also way of living. In addition, single cup makers offer a number of positive aspects. Here are merely a couple of:

– No awaiting coffee on those rushed mornings: Allow’s face it large coffee machine take a number of minutes to make an entire pot or even a 1/2 pot of coffee whereas some single cup manufacturers have your coffee all set for you in simply a couple of seconds which suggests you don’t need to wait for your coffee to brew on those early mornings when things are rushed and you are in a rush to obtain out the door.
– Make it and take it coffee machine: A few of these single cup coffee makers are designed for the individual who is on the go. The coffee brews right into a travel cup so all that you have to do is pop on the cover and also prepared to head out the door. You do not even need to put in the time to move the coffee from the pot to the traveling coffee cup, it is all done in one step.
– Not just for coffee: These one cup devices are not just for coffee. You can make coffee, warm delicious chocolate and even tea in one of these machines which makes them all objective while providing you with those one cup drinks that people so typically long for.
– Fits Anywhere: These coffee machine are so small they fit almost anywhere which indicates whether you have a workplace or a small cubicle you could bring among these machines to work as well as enjoy your own unique coffee blend whenever you desire rather than have to drink that also solid coffee that is made for basic workplace use. They are also fantastic for campers, dormitory and also any other areas where room is at a minimum.
– They make optimal gifts: Not just are these handy little equipments excellent for individual use yet, they make excellent cost-effective gifts as well. They are perfect for that college bound student, that bachelor you know or an individual that needs to restrict their coffee usage.


Starting Your Home Renovation

Whether you are considering a house restoration since you wish to market your home or because you intend to update it, you may be asking yourself where to find house remodelling concepts. You probably already have a photo in your head of exactly what you might want your make over to be, yet is it a total image?

Many people that decide to remodel their houses only think about a couple of things they intend to do, then they are stuck. You might recognize that you want brand-new closets as well as kitchen counters for your kitchen area redesigns, but you have no concept what kind of closets you want, and also just what about flooring, wall surfaces, appliances, etc.? You will need to have a total photo of the residence redesign suggestions you desire prior to you could move on, or perhaps create an allocate it.

By: Ryan Brunsvold

The first thing you will wish to do is ignore your budget plan – just throughout the idea phase. You might be surprised to recognize that most home renovations can be provided for far less than you think. Obtain your concepts first and after that you can try to work your suggestions right into your budget. You can do this by searching for the best prices. Additionally, the even more job you can do yourself, the more cash you can save.

Just what will you be renovating, the kitchen, washroom, exterior, or the entire residence? Write all of it down on a lawful pad – one page for every part of your home you will be remodeling. Currently, head out and purchase some home interior enhancing magazines and also search online for concepts that most effectively fit exactly what you have actually already got in mind. Cut out your favorites, or publish them, even if it is just a little something that you particularly liked. If you found an image of bathroom improvements and also you truly liked a particular design of showerhead, cut it out.

Position your cut-outs and printed ideas with the page of your legal pad that you started. Use envelopes or paperclips for this so you don’t lose anything. This process of gathering residence restoring concepts can take quite a while till you have discovered the mixes of concepts that you could work with.

When you have actually compiled and picked your home renovation suggestions, it is time to choose a budget. Set a budget for your kitchen area remodellings, your shower room redesigns, your living-room improvements, and so on. When you begin refurbishing your residence, start with the part of the home with the most affordable budget plan. This is most likely to be the living room or bedrooms as they will likely just call for paint, trim and also floor covering.

By: Emilian Robert Vicol

Thinking you are beginning with the bedroom improvements initially, look around for the materials that you require and also discover the best costs. You are most likely ahead in under budget for the job. You can then relocate the cash from that budget that you didn’t invest in to the following cheapest budget.

If you can continuously can be found in under budget on the smaller sized tasks, you will certainly have fairly a great allocate the larger, a lot more costly tasks that you are most likely to additionally have the most significant residence restoration suggestions for.

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